Wednesday, April 4 Gym Open @ 6:15am

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You lazybones missed a good one Tuesday:)


  • Row 1000m
  • 20 Rubber Band Pull-aparts


Every 2:00, for 8 minutes (4 sets):

  • 3 reps of Sots Press 
    (clean grip, pressing from the front-rack position in receiving)

Every 2:00, for 16 minutes (8 sets):

  • 2 reps of (Power Clean + Jerk) 

Build over the sets to establish a 2-RM power clean & jerk.

Met-Con WOD:

We are going to give these workouts a try. We will do WOD 1 today – choose your option. Read the rules carefully; watch the video for all movement demonstrations:)

6 Minute AMRAP of:

Intermediates (115#/85#)
7 – Power Cleans
5 – Front-Rack Reverse Lunges
3 – Wall Walks

Novice/Masters (85# Male/55# Female)
7 – Power Cleans
5 – Front-Rack Reverse Lunges
3 – Shoulder to Overhead (S2OH)

The barbell will be pre-loaded and on the ground. Following the proper standards for each movement Intermediate athletes will start with 7 power cleans. With the completion of the 7th rep and the bar in the front-rack position, the athlete will perform 5 alternating front-frack reverse lunges. The Athletes will then set the bar down and perform 3 Wall Walks. Novice/Masters will perform 7 power cleans followed by 5 alternating front-rack reverse lunges, followed by 3 S2OH. At the completion of the Wall Walks or S2OH 1 round will be complete. Each round is 15 total reps (7+5+3=15). The athlete will complete as many rounds and reps as possible in six minutes.


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