Tuesday, May 30 Gym Open @ 6:15am



 Grab a PVC and complete:
  • 10 Pass Thru
  • 10 Around the World

then, grab a barbell and complete:

  • 3 Hang Muscle Snatch
  • 3 Hang Power Snatch
  • 3 Hang Power Snatch 
    *Rest + add light weight
  • Complete 3 Hang Power Snatch 
    *Add light weight
  • Complete 1 rep of Hang Power Snatch 
  •  20 reps of Wallslides
  • 20 reps of Band Pull-Aparts
  • 5 sets of  3 reps of Hang Power Snatch 
  • start @ 50% and build very conservatively

REST 2 minutes between sets

Then we move into:
  • bicep work
  • tricep work





About crossfitcphs

PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School
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