Saturday, January 21 Gym Open @ 9:00am

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  • Row 150m
  • 10 Front Squats @ 65/45
  • Row 150m
  • 10 Push Press @ 65/45
  • Row 150m
  • 10 Deadlifts @ 135/95

OP MATIRU is based around a good friend and an amazing soldier, MCpl Charles Matiru, 1 PPCLI.
On January 15, 2013 Charles Matiru had succumbed to his injuries from PTSD. Charles was to be engaged to be married and was expecting the birth of his first child. Charles and myself had been deployed on a number of operations since 2006. His skills as a soldier and a leader were not only great, but a reflection of his humble attitude and calm demeanor.
In honour of Charles we have created an event in which we intend to run annually. It will be known as “OP MATIRU.” This event is similar in nature to other projects and WODS created in order to honour and commemorate our fallen heroes.
This WOD is to be performed with a partner – or “fire team partner,” as some in the military would refer to it. The WOD is as follows:
For time:
• 50 Front Squat – 135/95(M) – 95/65(W)
• 50 Push Press – 135/95(M) – 95/65(W)
• 50 Deadlifts – 225/185 (M) – 185/115(W)
• Row 1500 m
• 25 Front Squat – 135/95(M) – 95/65(W)
• 25 Push Press – 135/95(M) – 95/65(W)
• 25 Deadlifts – 225/185 (M) – 185/115(W)
• Row 1500 m
As this WOD is to be done in partners, one partner will do the effort while the other does burpees ( max of 10). When the partner who is doing the effort fails on reps, they then switch off with each other.There will be no burpees during the row. You will also want to keep the extra #45 plates nearby for a quick plate change between the push press and deadlifts.
This WOD is meant to not only be a physical challenge but a mental one too. In the military we often rely on our “Fire Team” partner to support us and help us get through the battle….This will feel similar for some!
In partnership with the “Silent Hero Project” I have been once again encouraged to bring this even annually from now on, I intend too !
I want to thank EVERYONE for helping support this cause.
Leah & Shawn
“Get comfortable with the Uncomfortable”


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