Saturday, April 5 Gym Open @ 4:30 pm

  • a few of the Dickie crew are heading to gym @ 4:30 today
  • please feel free to join us

It’s an aerobic workout …if you have double-unders. Limits to your skillset will be limits to your potential capacity, and that’s okay. Scale the run to a distance you can achieve in about 2:00. Approach the run at about 75% pace; the rower at about 90% pace; the double-unders like a maniac.

Here’s the fun thing about aerobic threshold training with CrossFit: it never gets easy, and it never gets boring. The benefits of a workout like this far exceed an hour on the treadmill, as borne out by reams of research. And it still seems fun and new every day. To become extraordinary, we must do extraordinary things. CrossFit just gives us an easy onramp to the fast lane.

20 minutes of hard exercise, pushed by your caring friends and pulled by an uncaring clock. Easy to start, tough to finish. Over fast, and lasting all day. It’s pretty hard to beat.


AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

  • 400m Run (either out the door and around the Canoe Club loop – or 3 loops of halls)
  • 500m Row or 400m Ski Erg
  • 60 DUs

About crossfitcphs

PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School
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