Monday, November 4

  • Well, it is time for us to determine some strength benchmarks, so we are going to do the CrossFit Football Total
  • It is imperative that you warm up properly
  • arrive at 5:30 if you need extra time to prime the pump!
  • should you manage to finish early and still wish a bit of a met-con, there will be one prescribed

STRENGTH: The CrossFit Football Total

  • Power Clean 1 rep max
  • Back Squat 1 rep max
  • Bench Press 1 rep max
  • Deadlift 1 rep max

The lifts are to be done in the order as listed (unless the gym gets too busy).

You have basically 10 minutes at each lift, so move efficiently (you should only need 3 attempts at each lift).

Your Total is the combined score of all 4 lifts – record on the sheet provided!

Met-Con WOD:

2 rounds of the following:
:30 Squats
:30 Rest
:30 Push-Ups
:30 Rest
:30 Sit-Ups
:30 Rest
:30 Walking Lunges
:30 Rest
:30 Mountain Climbers
:30 Rest



About crossfitcphs

PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School
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