Monday, March 25

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Outlaw North Weightlifting Seminar – Hosted at CrossFit CPHS, April 20, 2013.

With the success of our first two weightlifting seminars hosted in house at Outlaw CrossFit North, the next step is to take the show on the road- and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Brian Dickie of CrossFit CPHS attended our first seminar earlier this year, and has asked us to come up to his gym in Ottawa to put on our weightlifting seminar.

Thus, we are pleased to announce….

Outlaw North Weightlifting Seminar, hosted at CrossFit CPHS.

April 20, 2013

9:00 am – 3:30 pm

About the seminar…

Here at Outlaw North we love to lift weights.  The Snatch and Clean & Jerk are a focal point of our programming for a few reasons:

– The lifts themselves, and their accessories comprise a very large portion of the movement lexicon in our sport.

– They movements are very high skill and will not only improve body awareness required to perform the lifts well, but will also carry over in body awareness to perform gymnastic movements.

– Performing the lifts regularly builds both strength and explosiveness through the hip and posterior chain (important for nearly every athletic movement you’ll ever do).

Come on out and learn some new techniques, hit some PR’s, and take away some drills and techniques to help improve your lifts back at your training facility.


Carleton Place High School 215 Lake Avenue West Carleton Place, ON K7C 1M3 (613) 257 – 2720 Brian’s Cell (613) 889 – 0996


$110 per person (spaces will be limited)

Payment options – Credit Card, e-mail $ transfer

Tentative schedule

9am – Meet and greet, intro

9:30-12 – Snatch

12-1 – Lunch break

1-3:30 – Clean & Jerk

3:30-4:30 – Squat techniques, wrap up.


Jay Rhodes

Nationally qualfied as a 77kg lifter. PR’s – Snatch 116 kg (255 lbs), Clean & Jerk 143 kg (315 lbs)

And now onto the WOD for tonight:


  • Take 10 minutes to find your one rep max of Shoulder to Overhead

Met-Con WOD:

Advanced 155M/115W
Rx 135M/95W
Masters 115M/75W
Scaled 95M/65W
5 Rounds for time:
15 Deadlifts
12 Hang Power Cleans
9 Front Squats
6 Push Jerks

run 2 laps of halls or row 200m or Airdyne 200m between rounds



About crossfitcphs

PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School
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