Tues., March 20, 2012

WOD 120320:

BB Gymnastics

1) Power Snatch + Snatch (full squat): 2X1 @ 65%, 2X1 @ 70%, 2X1 @ 75% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: These are single reps and DO NOT have to be touch and go. One rep would be 1 Power Snatch AND 1 Snatch.

2) Power Clean + Push Jerk: 5X1 @ 75% – rest 60 sec.


1a) 3XME Bench Press @ BW for men, 80% BW for women – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3XME STRICT Pullups @ C2B for men, chin over for women – rest 60 sec.


Run 800M all out.

*Rest 4 minutes.

8 minute AMRAP of:

10 Behind the Neck Push Press @ 155/105# (no racks)
20 Perfectly Vertical KBS @ 24/16kg
30 UB Double-Unders

*Rest 8 minutes.

400M Sled Drag @ 90/70#

Notes: This is NOT for time. Again, these should be Westside style. Concentrate on pulling through the heel to the toe. DO NOT begin a step by loading the balls of the feet at any time. This weight should be fairly light; concentrate on take large strides.


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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School
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